iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement and Reassembly!

The iPhone XS Max has one of the biggest batteries we’ve ever seen in an iPhone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t replace it yourself. Replacing the battery in your iPhone is super easy. So easy in fact it may be effecting Apple’s revenue!

All responsibilities are over you. If you make a mistake while you fixing, your device can be break down or maybe you can't use it anymore. Be careful when you trying to fix devices.

80 - 120

Fixing Time


Fixing Level

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iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement and Reassembly!


Batteries are disposable but your thousand-dollar iPhone is not which is why today I’m going to show you how to replace the battery in your iPhone 10s Max for safety be sure to drain your battery below 25% tweezers and eye opener isopropyl alcohol a suction handle and opening ticks we also recommend using a magnetic not for the trees organized and stay from Rolling away start by removing the to pentalobe screws at the bottom of the phone you’re the charging port then he here I open her up and lay it across the iPhone at the bottom grab your suction handle and press it on the area you just heated lift up on the suction handle and insert your pic and work it around the phone try not to insert the pic too far because you could damage cable once you’ve released all the adhesive list the display to the right slowly you still have cables connected to the logic board to disconnect the battery you must first remove the top bracket unscrew for tri Wing screws and then remove the bracket disconnect the cable that leads to the battery first and then remove the three screws and the smaller brackets below the battery connector disconnect the display cables and be careful with the sensor assembly cable as it’s slightly adhered put the cables disconnected the display is now free remove the three screws on the taptic engine but be careful with the ground on the left side you don’t want to lose this piece because you’ll need it when you reassemble your phone grab your tweezers and remove the plate covering the connector make sure the blade is flat and push towards the battery to release it once the plate is off go ahead and disconnect the cable under it right below that connector is a standoff screw remove that next there’s a bracket near the lightning Port being held down by 5 screws once those screws are out you can lift and remove the bracket to the right of the speaker remove one standoff screw and one sole screw use a spudger to list up the speaker on the right side while lifting carefully deer out the cable you disconnected near the toxic engine use some tweezers to unstick all for the adhesive pads once that’s done grab some isopropyl alcohol and squirt a little bit of it into the phone under the battery wait a minute for the adhesive the soften and the tab should come out with ease use your tweezers to grab the tabs and roll these Isabelle Wednesday removed all the adhesive strip the battery should be free. Symbol your phone you’ll need to apply some brand-new adhesive to both your battery and the display thankfully we have videos on how to do both once you have your new batteries waste go ahead and insert your speaker and the taptic engine there’s a cable under the taptic engine that you need to reconnect go ahead and connect the cable on the speaker and screw the speaker back on next screw the brackets back in place be sure to place the ground on the topic engine correctly before screening down animals next grab your display and connect the display connectors make sure you connect the battery last Mediacom don’t listen to everything all connected go ahead and screw back on all the plates and close up your phone the number to Scrabble don’t forget to screw back in your pain are awesome tear down and repair videos.

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