iMac Intel 27″ Hard Drive Replacement ( Mid 2011 )

Model A1312 / Mid 2011 / 2.7 & 3.1 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac12,2 iMac Intel 27″ EMC 2429 Hard Drive Replacement Dear followers, in this article, I will convey to you the ssd disk replacement of this model imac device. good luck already. The materials we will use will be vacuumed or a similar product may be similar to this I will show you in the photo.

All responsibilities are over you. If you make a mistake while you fixing, your device can be break down or maybe you can't use it anymore. Be careful when you trying to fix devices.

30 Min

Fixing Time


Fixing Level

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Spudger, Phillips #1 Screwdriver, Heavy-Duty Suction Cups (Pair), Paper Clip, T10 Torx Screwdriver, T8 Torx Screwdriver

1.Glass Panel



Place the suction cups as in the photos.  please pay attention while doing this.  place it equally in two places and apply the position of the imac computer as in the photo.  While doing this, gently pull the glass forward with the vacuum tool.  Since it is magnetic, you will be much more successful if you pull the vacuum towards you at the same time with the rear window.

2.We lift the screen

Remove one by one the screws you see on the screen. You can use T10 torx for this.


Here you need to be careful, your hands should be clean and not have oil or something similar.  this is because your fingerprints may remain on the screen.  The healthiest method is to use gloves.

Lay your imac device on a flat surface

4.Use the hook


We will use the hook we show on the screen to detach the screen from the case. Thanks to this hook, we will separate the screen from the case.
After detaching the screen from the case, slide it up slightly but do not lift it completely or you will break the cable that displays the screen. if it breaks, no image appears on the screen. You can remove it with the product we have, or you can gently dislodge this cable with your hand. Let’s pay attention to the photo.


Gently pull the led panel cable by pressing it from the top.


As we show in the photo, lift the black side up from the small and draw it to yourself. please pull slowly and slowly.



Pull the power cable coming to the screen as shown in the photo.


After making sure that we have removed all the cables on the bottom, we can remove the screen from the case as shown.




  • If you are replacing the display panel, you will need to transfer additional components from the old panel to the new one. Compare the back of the old display with the replacement display. Note all cables, sensors, and foam cushioning that are missing from the new display.

    If there is a wire or cable underneath adhesive tape, always pull the tape off first. Do not pull on the cable directly.

    If the cable is glued to the chassis, use a heated iOpener or a hair dryer to soften the adhesive first. You can then slide an opening pick underneath the cable to loosen it. Never pull on the delicate connectors.

    Slide an opening pick underneath the foam cushion pieces to separate them from the display, and gently pull them off. You may need some double sided tape to re-attach them to the new display.

10. Hard Drive

Disconnect the SATA power and data cables from the hard drive by pulling them straight away from the hard drive.


Remove the two T10 Torx screws securing the hard drive to the iMac frame.

Slightly rotate the top edge of the hard drive away from the outer case.

Lift the hard drive off its two lower positioning pins and remove it from the outer case


Remove the two T8 Torx screws securing the upper bracket to the hard drive.

Remove the upper bracket from the hard drive.

Remove the two T8 Torx pins from the other side of the hard drive.

13.  SSD KIT

Only follow the next 9 steps if you are replacing your hard drive with an SSD kit.

Depress the enclosure’s front plate latch with your finger. While holding the latch down, swing the plate out.

Remove the front plate.



Plug the included sensor-enabled SATA power cable into the wide side of the enclosure’s SATA connector.

The cable is keyed to connect in only one way. If you can’t connect the cable, rotate it 180°, and try again.



Peel the backing off of the adhesive back of the small temperature sensor board.

Adhere the temperature sensor board to an exposed, metal area of the surface of the SSD, as close as possible to the SATA connector.

Fold the excess temperature sensor wires so that they are out of the way while you install the enclosure.



Install the mounting pins from the old hard drive onto the sides of the enclosure.

The holes on the enclosure may not be threaded, so screwing the mounting pins into them may require extra effort. Take your time and screw them in slowly, making sure they go in straight.


Attach any mounting brackets removed from the old hard drive onto the enclosure.


Connect the iMac’s SATA power cable to the new temperature-capable SATA power cable.

Route the SATA cables where they will not interfere with any other components.


Connect the iMac’s SATA data cable to the enclosure’s SATA data connector

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

After doing these operations, we will turn off the screen as we have removed by following the steps above. on the contrary, you can do this easily by going from the last step to the first step. please be careful when doing these.

While the computer is starting, there will be a question mark in a box on the screen. this is because it is a new disk and no system inside. Please see our other article for system setup. Good luck.

Thanks to the website for the help.
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