How to Replace the MacBook Pro 13 ” Mid 2009 AirPort Antenna?

MacBook Pro 13 Unibody Mid 2009 Repair How to Replace the MacBook Pro 13 ” Mid 2009 AirPort Antenna?

All responsibilities are over you. If you make a mistake while you fixing, your device can be break down or maybe you can't use it anymore. Be careful when you trying to fix devices.

60 min

Fixing Time


Fixing Level

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T6 Torx Screwdriver, Spudger, Phillips 00 Screwdriver




# Step 1

Remove the 10 screws on the back of your macbook.

the screws shown in red are 3mm screws

The screws shown in yellow are 13.5 mm screws.

Attention ;  Please do not confuse them as we will put them back on while removing

# Step 2

Please slightly lift the back of the case we removed the screws


# Step 3

The point we need to pay attention here is that we should definitely disconnect the battery in every process. this is due to the accumulation of energy.


# Step 4

Lift up the battery connector and gently disengage it.


Lift the right speaker cable connector up slightly as shown in the picture.

#Step 5

Remove the camera cable by sliding it up slightly as you see in the picture.

Attention ; Pull the cable parallel to the optical drive direction. Please do not pull straight up, if you do not do this you will destroy the connector.

If you notice, you will see something like plastic on the top attached to the camera cable, carefully lift it up and pull it straight towards you.

# Step 6

Carefully unplug the camera cable from the side of the optical drive.

# Step 7

Carefully remove the screws on the camera cable and right speaker.

Two 8 mm Phillips screws indicated in red.

One 4mm Phillips screw shown in yellow.

One of the 8 mm Phillips screws will stay on top of the camera cable ground loop.

Slide the camera cable under the subwoofer and remove it from the computer.

# Step 8

Grasp the plastic pull-tab that is secured with the display data cable locked and rotate it towards the DC input side of the computer.

Make sure to pull the connector straight away and not straight up from its socket.

# Step 9

Unscrew the screws where the shield cable is located

lift the data cable leading to the display towards the top and pull it towards you


# Step 10

Use the torx screwdriver to remove the screws on both sides that secure it to the upper case. 4 screws in total as you can see in the picture.

# Step 11

Hold your MacBook upright as shown

Hold the screen and the upper case together with your left hand, use the Torx screwdriver to remove the remaining screw from the lower display bracket.

# Step 12

Attention ; Make sure to hold the screen and top box with your left hand. Failure to do so could cause the released screen / upper case to fall, damaging each component. Please pay attention to this.

# Step 13

Grasp it with your right hand as it appears in the photo, slowly turn it towards the top of the screen, so that the place you grasped will come out easier.

open the screen as shown in picture 2

# Step 14

Lift the screen up and at a straight angle from the chassis so that it does not break the screen and be careful with the cables.

# Step 15

Hold the screen cover as shown and slide it towards the right side of the screen.

You should do this without forcing.

# Step 16

  • Gently rock the clutch cover back and forth on its long axis while pulling it away from the display.


Do this action along the length of the clutch cover until you can lift it off the framework attaching it to the display.

# Step17

Remove this black cover you see in the picture from the screen.


# Step 18

Carefully remove the two airport antenna connectors from their slots on the airport card.


Caution ; Be careful not to break the slots on the AirPort card.

# Step 19

Carefully remove the 4 screws visible in the picture


# Step 20

Take care of the antenna connectors from the screen.


Please let us know what you can do as well. For our other issues, please follow us and keep notifications open.

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