How To: Replace the Battery in your iPhone 5s

If the battery in your iPhone 5S has been acting up, maybe its time for a replacement. So today I’m going to walk you through replacing the battery in your iPhone 5s.

All responsibilities are over you. If you make a mistake while you fixing, your device can be break down or maybe you can't use it anymore. Be careful when you trying to fix devices.


Fixing Time


Fixing Level

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Spudger, P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone, iOpener, iFixit Opening Picks set of 6, Suction Handle, iSclack, Tweezers, Phillips #000 Screwdriver

  1.  Removing the Pentalobe screws

iPhone 5S battery replacement so first I’m going to remove the two bottoms fuses meth pentalobe screwdriver also just make sure that the iPhone 5S is powered off my battery was already dead so I didn’t have to do that just a side note don’t use it Phillips screwdriver to remove the type of security this will actually stripped screws and you have a lot less hassle in the end if you just buy a regular.

2. Display separation prevention
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Going to use a plastic pick to buy up the iPhone screen off the mid-frame I do suggest using the left side of the outside some people don’t like to use the plastic pick some people like to use an exacto knife or some type of metal tool I do use a nylon Sparger if you want to use a metal to I suggest that you do take


3.Manual Opening Procedure

Precautions because I might damage the mid-frame so if your Kayla stop and go ahead tsunamis in the nylon Sparger and deposit picked up the bottom half of the screen make sure you don’t pry up the screen fully or else he might damage the home.

4. Removing the Touch ID cable bracket

Button connector in the sea that just in a bit so as you can see right here that’s the home button Flex cable so if you pull up the screen fully my actually care that so that’s why I don’t pull it up fully and you detach it like that however on this iPhone there was a missing a cap on the home button Flex cable which you normally all Iceland should have led to remove that before you move the fox cable so now


I’m going to remove the four screws holding down the play that folds down the screens Flex cables you also might want to be holding the screen like I am in the video because if you let it go you might actually cause strain on the flex cables possibly damaging them and that will help you.


5.Opening up the phone

I’m just going to pry up the two fux cables using my nylon spudger make sure you go very lightly because you can once again damaged the flex cables and also make sure you go very lightly on the motherboard cuz you can actually damaged components on the motherboard now that I have removed at 3 Flex cables from the motherboard I cannot separate the screen who’s going to move the screen to the side because you don’t need to use it.


for now these are the two screws that they need to remove in order to access the battery Flex cable now I’m just going to remove the metal bracket make sure you remember the correct orientation because this can cause problems after with reassembly using my project in a pop up the flex cable off the connector we’re importing right now is where you’ll find a little tap that actually holds the adhesive under the batteries the except to pull it and pull it all across the side of the phone like I just did right there the



iPhone 5S that I have right now are already had to replace battery so that adhesive was already missing after the adhesive is removed all I have to do is pry up the battery using my nylon spudger if you are having trouble Prime battery you could use the heat gun or a blow dryer that help you there you have it the iPhone 5S battery has now been removed thank you guys so much for watching please share like And subscribe and if you have any questions or requests please leave it in the comments.

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